I could walk again!

I am what doctors like to call one of “those patients” that are really hard to treat.  I have symphysis pubis dysfunction or disorder.  In my last pregnancy, it was really severe.

Dr. Anne Lundquist was the fifth person I saw for this problem.  (In my second pregnancy) It was getting so painful that I was getting ready to ask for medication for depression because I couldn’t handle the pain and the first two doctors that I saw said that there was nothing that they could do, then I saw a chiropractor who knew what I had finally had and said there was nothing he could do, I saw a midwife who said there was nothing she could do and here’s a painkiller.  It didn’t work. 

Then I saw Dr. Lundquist and she said “Oh, lay down” and five minutes later I could walk again for the first time in several weeks! I was 39 weeks along and had a great week after that.  I saw her a second time and went into labor that night, feeling pretty good and had a normal, healthy vaginal birth, no problems and got up from the labor, feeling pretty good! So this first week with my baby has been great.   She gets credit for that!

—  Rachel H. 

A huge difference

I started going to Dr. Anne when I was 38 weeks.  I was struggling with pubic symphysis as well as hip pain. I could hardly even walk around the house without thinking if I was going to pull a muscle, and flipping in bed was nearly impossible until I went to see Dr. Lundquist.  I had been going to a different chiropractor who said they specialized in pregnancy and didn’t receive the help that I needed.   After going to Dr. Anne, after the first visit I noticed a huge difference.  I was able to go on walks again with my husband and my son and sleeping was so much better.  I could actually get sleep!

—  Christine B.

I highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.

When I first came to see to see Dr. Lundquist I was 32 weeks pregnant and I had been having pelvic pain, pubic pain, lower back pain, leg pain, I wasn’t able to sit down, walk to lie on my side and I was having a difficult time sleeping, as well, and I needed to get some help because I had gestational diabetes and I had to walk in order to control it.  So I came in here and she started doing some chiropractic adjustments on me and I was able to start walking for an hour and a half a day (a half hour threes time a day) afterwards and I did not need medication. The doctors thought that I would need medication (for the Gestational Diabetes) and I didn’t.  With her help I was able to continue walking to now, and I am 40 weeks pregnant, still walking an hour and a half a day. I highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.

—  Teyebeh B.

It’s been wonderful and I recommend it to everyone

I am currently pregnant and I have been coming to see Dr. Lundquist for three pregnancies.  My oldest is about 3 and ½ years-old, so they are very close together.  During my second pregnancy, I started having symphysis pubis pain, pelvic pain, and sciatica that ranges from anything from irritating to acute and painful when rolling over in bed… but you still have to roll over in bed!  You have to figure out how to live with it, and Dr. Lundquist has been very helpful with regular adjustments being able to function and walk and sleep without having lots of pain.  It’s been wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. It makes your pregnancy much happier and much more fun when you can walk and sleep without pain.

—  Meri K.

Her equipment is amazing!

I first came to Dr. Lundquist when I was 37 weeks pregnant.  I was experiencing some sciatic pain, a lot of symphysis pubis pain, pain in my groin, having trouble turning over in bed, walking, getting in and out of bed, putting on pants; kind of your classic pains.  It began after my first delivery but I was never diagnosed. So during my second pregnancy when I started feeling the symptoms, I knew I needed help.

She was excellent, very gentle, and took into consideration what was comfortable for me; her equipment is amazing!

I would feel relief immediately. I would come hobbling in and just walk out of the office just so pain free.  I probably saw her about a week after the delivery of my baby and she made the recovery so much quicker.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.  I had tried another chiropractor and a physical therapist and she was the only one that brought me relief.

—  Smita A.