Her equipment is amazing!

I first came to Dr. Lundquist when I was 37 weeks pregnant.  I was experiencing some sciatic pain, a lot of symphysis pubis pain, pain in my groin, having trouble turning over in bed, walking, getting in and out of bed, putting on pants; kind of your classic pains.  It began after my first delivery but I was never diagnosed. So during my second pregnancy when I started feeling the symptoms, I knew I needed help.

She was excellent, very gentle, and took into consideration what was comfortable for me; her equipment is amazing!

I would feel relief immediately. I would come hobbling in and just walk out of the office just so pain free.  I probably saw her about a week after the delivery of my baby and she made the recovery so much quicker.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.  I had tried another chiropractor and a physical therapist and she was the only one that brought me relief.

—  Smita A.

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