Your First Visit

We know that you have a lot to tell us, and we want to make sure we truly understand what you have to say. Our intake paperwork for our pregnant patient has two parts, and is designed to help you tell us everything we need to know about you and your pregnancy.  We highly suggest you fill out your paperwork in the comfort of your own home, but we are glad to supply the same paperwork in our office.  During your first visit to our office there will be time for us to cover any other questions and information that you would like to discuss.

Chiropractic doing spinal mobilisation in physiotherapist's office

As chiropractors, we want to look at any problems of balance and symmetry in your nervous system. Some of the normal changes of pregnancy can cause new problems to immerge and old problems to come back and become much more intense. These changes can cause your nervous system to be under stress, causing problems with your nerves (nerve pain such as sciatica), muscular system (spasms and pain), and decreasing the ability of your body to be able to deal with the normal stresses of life. Problems like this often cause pain, inflammation, and altered function in the short term, and over the course of your pregnancy cause difficulty in a being able to move, relax and allow your body to work ideally in labor.

Our new patient evaluation is designed to look at not only the problems that are obvious to you, but also to look for less obvious imbalances that might be contributing to your condition. Part of our first day visit is an evaluation with gentle, noninvasive technology that we purchase especially for our pregnant patients that looks at balance and symmetry in your nervous system. We use a combination of thermography and electromyography to get a baseline reading.  The information for the system is taken entirely off the surface of the skin and is safe and appropriate for our pregnant patients, as well as being helpful for our Medicare patients and those who have been injured in automobile accidents or other injuries. Range of motion assessment, orthopedic tests, muscle strength tests, and hands on palpation, followed by a chiropractic assessment of the alignment of your spine and other problem joints might all be utilized to give us more information about you and your concerns.


X-rays are never suggested during pregnancy in our office, but might possibly be suggested after birth to determine our best course of action.

At the end of this evaluation, we then will discuss how we should proceed.  The majority of our patients are able to start chiropractic adjustments on this first day. Our specialized cushions and equipment and wonderful staff make getting care in our office an enjoyable experience.

The majority of our pregnant and postpartum patients, even those that come to us in great pain, find their treatment to be comfortable and gentle and get great relief with chiropractic adjustments. I often suggest to hesitant new patients that they think about the other pregnant patients they saw leaving while in our waiting room. People are happy to come here and usually leave here with a great big smile on their face! We consider our patients to be our walking billboards of health!

Here are some of our patients talking about their experiences at Chiropractic for Pregnancy.