I highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.

When I first came to see to see Dr. Lundquist I was 32 weeks pregnant and I had been having pelvic pain, pubic pain, lower back pain, leg pain, I wasn’t able to sit down, walk to lie on my side and I was having a difficult time sleeping, as well, and I needed to get some help because I had gestational diabetes and I had to walk in order to control it.  So I came in here and she started doing some chiropractic adjustments on me and I was able to start walking for an hour and a half a day (a half hour threes time a day) afterwards and I did not need medication. The doctors thought that I would need medication (for the Gestational Diabetes) and I didn’t.  With her help I was able to continue walking to now, and I am 40 weeks pregnant, still walking an hour and a half a day. I highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.

—  Teyebeh B.

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