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Buy the Spinning Babies Parent Class video as a digital download!

This is not your usual childbirth class! Spinning Babies Parent Class shows you what to do for an easier birth with practical and detailed preparation to help baby in the best position to fit the pelvis and solutions when labor seems long, painful, or has a stall! And, if practiced daily, an easier labor and birth are likely.  Private in person sessions to truly learn these techniques are offered in our City of Orange office or virtual classes are available with Dr. Anne Lundquist, either as part of a full childbirth prep class or as an individual one home session to support the class you already have taken (but we do suggest you take a childbirth prep class with your partner). These techniques are challenging to learn to do correctly from a video, but watching the video and then having a private session will help you to be a great team!

Renowned midwife Gail Tully offers practical work for your body to birth naturally in today’s modern civilization. You won’t learn this approach anywhere else! Parent Class shows you the Fantastic Four balancing activities for pregnancy and labor. Learn tips to support baby's ability to resolve breech or transverse positions in pregnancy. Engage baby by early labor to shorten labor and avoid surgery. Overcome a posterior or transverse arrest. Mixing midwifery values with modern body balancing, Gail’s optimistic handling of fetal position challenges in pregnancy and labor show you how to add pregnancy comfort, labor ease and avoid cesarean surgery. Start sooner than later!

Parents across the globe are using these techniques….and they’re working! Watch the video today.

This class in included in the Birth Naturally Preparation class and in the Spinning Babies Private parent class offered in this office.