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Symphysis Pubis Pain Helped By Chiropractic

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction helped with Chiropractic

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction during pregnancy is relatively common, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope!  Most women are told by their Obstetricians that they will just have to live with the pain of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).  However, Dr. Anne Lundquist has found that her patients respond quickly to her specific chiropractic adjustments that address the unique complaints of pregnant women, allowing them to be able to be able to sleep, resume exercise and return to being active.  Dr. Anne Lundquist has had specialized post-graduate training in working with pregnant women, and years of experience that allow her to be able to make a real difference in the pregnancies of her patients. 

Chiropractic Can Make Pregnancy Easier!

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Preliminary Study Results Show Chiropractic Care Could Make Labor Easier

On April 8, 2010, from the New Zealand news outlet Voxy News, comes a report on the preliminary results of a study that shows chiropractic care makes it easier for pregnant women to deliver their babies. The current study is being conducted at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Mt. Wellington, New Zealand.

This study looks at how chiropractic care may influence pelvic floor muscle function in healthy women before and after childbirth, and in women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. Researcher Dr. Jenny Kruger and research director Dr. Heidi Haavik-Taylor are in charge of the study and are optimistic about the final results.

Dr. Kruger noted, “We are working with a number of pregnant women here in New Zealand and the University of Australia in Sydney, which is also involved in the study, is testing hundreds of women.” She continued, “We are using state of the art 4D ultrasound to visualize the pelvic floor of women, pre and post chiropractic adjustments. We want to see whether spinal adjustments can alter the way the pelvic floor works.”

Article: Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

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The purpose of this article is to provide an update of a previously published evidence-based practice guideline on chiropractic management of low back pain.

This project updated and combined 3 previous guidelines. A systematic review of articles published between October 2009 through February 2014 was conducted to update the literature published since the previous Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) guideline was developed. Articles with new relevant information were summarized and provided to the Delphi panel as background information along with the previous CCGPP guidelines. Delphi panelists who served on previous consensus projects and represented a broad sampling of jurisdictions and practice experience related to low back pain management were invited to participate. Thirty-seven panelists participated; 33 were doctors of chiropractic (DCs). In addition, public comment was sought by posting the consensus statements on the CCGPP Web site. The RAND-UCLA methodology was used to reach formal consensus.

Consensus was reached after 1 round of revisions, with an additional round conducted to reach consensus on the changes that resulted from the public comment period. Most recommendations made in the original guidelines were unchanged after going through the consensus process.

The evidence supports that doctors of chiropractic are well suited to diagnose, treat, co-manage, and manage the treatment of patients with low back pain disorders.

Read the full article here: http://www.jmptonline.org/article/S0161-4754(15)00184-0/pdf

My family completely trusts her

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Dr.  Anne has provided key chiropractic services for my entire family over the last 5 years.  This has included adjustments for our newborn, child, and adult treatment after suffering a rear-end collision and most recently she has done incredible work for an industrial accident that caused a serious back injury.  She is a true pro that combines her years of experience and gifted healing abilities to work with your body and what it needs.  My family completely trusts her, and we continue to see her even though we now have to drive over an hour each way to do so.  She is worth it!

—  Michael D.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

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My 20-month-old had a fall at the playground. He was limping but not in pain, so I took him in to see Dr. Anne. Not only did she check him out and give him a gentle adjustment, but she also checked in with me by text message for the rest of the week to make sure he was recovering like he was supposed to. Now he’s back to normal. I love that our chiropractor knows us and really cares about our family health. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

—  Emily D.

We highly recommend Lundquist and Patterson to all

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My wife gave birth to our daughter three days ago and on her first day was having trouble breastfeeding and latching on.  We brought our baby girl to Dr. Lundquist for an evaluation.  She was so gentle and precise; our daughter nearly fell asleep in her hands.  When we got home and went to breastfeed our baby the improvement was instant.  She latched on right away and has been feeding regularly ever since.   We highly recommend Lundquist and Patterson to all.  We are so thankful they are in our lives.

—  Jack R. 

Always provides good insight. We highly recommend her!

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Dr. Lundquist is awesome! She has helped me and my husband over the years with pain, spinal alignment, and other problems. Most recently she helped during my pregnancy (as she is trained in Webster technique), alleviating lower back pain, and helping get the baby in the correct position. She also worked with our newborn right after birth, as he had a tight jaw and we had challenges with breastfeeding. She is knowledgeable, personable, and always provides good insight. We highly recommend her!

—  Katherine H.

She’s the best!

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Four-month-old Ashlyn enjoying a chiropractic visit with Anne Lundquist DC FICPA.  Ashlyn gave her tons of giggles and smiles this morning…perfectly relaxed.

Ashlyn tends to hold her head to only one side (must have been in the same cozy position most of my pregnancy) and when it gets tight she struggles to nurse on one side. Seeing Dr. Anne really helps to calm her nervous system and re-align everything in the most peaceful of ways. Ashlyn followed this visit with a great nursing session and a long nap with her head tilted in the direction that earlier today was too uncomfortable for her. Hooray!

So thankful for Dr. Anne through my pregnancy, with my sweet baby girl, and for everyday aches and pains. She’s the best!

 — Michelle and Michael C

It was really effective

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I came to see Dr. Anne Lundquist during my second pregnancy.  My midwife had suggested her because during my first pregnancy; it was a homebirth attempt but I ended up in a C-section because of the baby’s position and having face presentation. The second time around (with a new midwife) we wanted to do everything that we could to get the baby in the best possible position for having a successful home birth and loved the time here and getting to be treated by Dr. Lundquist.  She’s so gentle, and I felt like it was really effective; the baby was in a good position and I was able to have a successful home birth (a vaginal birth) after cesarean with a ten-pound three-ounce baby.  It can be done and I’m a little girl!

So here I am third time around, definitely wanting to come back to see Dr. Anne and wanting again to see what we can do to make sure the baby is in a great position for having a good experience and an easier birth.

—  Carla

I highly recommend Dr. Lundquist

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When I came to Dr. Anne Lundquist, I was 32 weeks pregnant with Anthony.  I came to see Dr. Lundquist to help with some minor aches and pains but to also help me have a natural vaginal birth.  I had an emergency C-section with my first child, two and a half years ago, and was very interested in having a VBAC.  I was recommended by my yoga instructor to come see Dr. Lundquist and I’m really pleased with seeing her and working with her.  I felt less pain during my pregnancy and had a wonderful natural vaginal birth with Anthony.  I felt like I was more in control and had more room and space for him to make his way through, which was our issue with the first time around, so I highly recommend Dr. Lundquist.

—  Michelle M