I am feeling a lot better

I started seeing Dr. Lundquist when I was 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  We had found out that the baby was transverse so the baby was laying sideways.  It was particularly concerning because we wanted to have a natural birth. My doctor told me that as long as the baby stayed that way, we were definitely going to have to have a C-section and that was the complete opposite of everything we had been hoping and training for.  So instead of just waiting, we decided to be proactive.

I saw Dr. Anne three times over the course of five days and after the adjustments, not only was I feeling better in terms of my back and my pelvic pain but I went to my OB and he did an ultrasound. He verified that the baby had moved into the proper position and was head down, (so) that wouldn’t be something that would prevent us from having the natural birth we are hoping for.

So I am feeling a lot better, very excited, about two weeks away from delivering, and hopeful for a nice easy natural birth!

—  Meghan T.