I could walk again!

I am what doctors like to call one of “those patients” that are really hard to treat.  I have symphysis pubis dysfunction or disorder.  In my last pregnancy, it was really severe.

Dr. Anne Lundquist was the fifth person I saw for this problem.  (In my second pregnancy) It was getting so painful that I was getting ready to ask for medication for depression because I couldn’t handle the pain and the first two doctors that I saw said that there was nothing that they could do, then I saw a chiropractor who knew what I had finally had and said there was nothing he could do, I saw a midwife who said there was nothing she could do and here’s a painkiller.  It didn’t work. 

Then I saw Dr. Lundquist and she said “Oh, lay down” and five minutes later I could walk again for the first time in several weeks! I was 39 weeks along and had a great week after that.  I saw her a second time and went into labor that night, feeling pretty good and had a normal, healthy vaginal birth, no problems and got up from the labor, feeling pretty good! So this first week with my baby has been great.   She gets credit for that!

—  Rachel H. 

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