It was really effective

I came to see Dr. Anne Lundquist during my second pregnancy.  My midwife had suggested her because during my first pregnancy; it was a homebirth attempt but I ended up in a C-section because of the baby’s position and having face presentation. The second time around (with a new midwife) we wanted to do everything that we could to get the baby in the best possible position for having a successful home birth and loved the time here and getting to be treated by Dr. Lundquist.  She’s so gentle, and I felt like it was really effective; the baby was in a good position and I was able to have a successful home birth (a vaginal birth) after cesarean with a ten-pound three-ounce baby.  It can be done and I’m a little girl!

So here I am third time around, definitely wanting to come back to see Dr. Anne and wanting again to see what we can do to make sure the baby is in a great position for having a good experience and an easier birth.

—  Carla

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