I am feeling a lot better

I started seeing Dr. Lundquist when I was 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  We had found out that the baby was transverse so the baby was laying sideways.  It was particularly concerning because we wanted to have a natural birth. My doctor told me that as long as the baby stayed that way, we were definitely going to have to have a C-section and that was the complete opposite of everything we had been hoping and training for.  So instead of just waiting, we decided to be proactive.

I saw Dr. Anne three times over the course of five days and after the adjustments, not only was I feeling better in terms of my back and my pelvic pain but I went to my OB and he did an ultrasound. He verified that the baby had moved into the proper position and was head down, (so) that wouldn’t be something that would prevent us from having the natural birth we are hoping for.

So I am feeling a lot better, very excited, about two weeks away from delivering, and hopeful for a nice easy natural birth!

—  Meghan T. 

Dr. Anne’s treatments helped big time

Dr. Anne Lundquist is an extremely gifted Chiropractor.  I’m a Chiropractor and I usually treat my own wife but when my wife was pregnant……I referred my own wife (without hesitation) to see Dr. Anne because I know she is one of the best in Prenatal Chiropractic Care.   My wife delivered a year ago and it only took 30 minutes of active “pushing” and just like that….our baby girl “popped” out.  I am positive that Dr. Anne’s treatments helped big time.  And we have been bringing our baby girl to see Dr. Anne for check-ups to make sure her nervous system is working 100%.  Thanks Dr. Anne!

—  Dao T.

Thank you Anne I will be seeing you again

I saw Anne for my back during my last trimester of pregnancy and I wish I had found Anne sooner. She helped me endure those last painful/uncomfortable weeks before birth. I had sciatic pain along with lower back pain keeping me from sitting longer than 30 min in a car, at church or a movie. After a few visits I was feeling a lot better, able to sleep better, and even sit through a movie. Thank you Anne I will be seeing you again with any future pregnancies!!

—  Crystal T.

Quality Chiropractic Care

Best chiropractor in Orange County, hands down! I was immediately impressed by Dr. Anne’s warm personality, her thoroughness in the initial evaluation and each adjustment, willingness to answer all of your questions and take extra time to explain chiropractic and the benefits etc… Her years of experience in the field are immediately apparent in the quality of care you receive. I have been to other chiropractors where you feel like “just another number,” and questioned the motives of those offices and chiropractors. It seemed to me that they were more focused on volume of clients they see per day (and therefore more $$$) than the quality of care each patient received. Needless to say, that is not something you will experience here. I have been seeing Dr. Anne on a weekly basis during my pregnancy, and can really see and feel the difference after each adjustment. It’s wonderful!  The adjustments resolved daily headaches I was having, sinus pressure, low back/sacrum issues and have kept me in better balance and alignment as my body adjusts to the changes of pregnancy.  If you are looking for top quality chiropractic care for your whole family, look no further, Lundquist and Patterson is the place for you.

—  Acacia J.

OMG is all I can say.

Dr. Anne is simply amazing! We found out about her when I was looking for Bradley classes in our area. We attended her classes for our first baby and learned sooo much. Also, I started getting hip and neck pain during my third trimester that made me cry myself to sleep at night so I tried an adjustment from her. I’ve never seen a chiropractor before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. OMG is all I can say. I can’t believe I tried to endure so much discomfort before trying an adjustment. She definitely knows her stuff! Definitely recommend trying her services!

—  Marie D.

I’m so thankful we found Anne

During my pregnancy, I started suffering from intense hip pain that radiated all the way down my leg. It started in the first trimester and by the second trimester, I had trouble going up and down stairs and moving around the office at work. I started seeing a local chiropractor, which did make a difference in the pain, but I didn’t feel like I was getting personalized care. The pain would come back quickly and other discomforts of my pregnancy weren’t being addressed. My husband and I were enrolled in Anne’s Bradley class (highly recommend) and really enjoyed her warm demeanor and wealth of knowledge on the physical changes of pregnancy. We decided to try an adjustment with her to compare experiences.

Both my husband and I walked away feeling like we received much more personalized care. We noticed that stubborn aches and pains that we’d been trying to resolve with our previous chiropractor were greatly diminished in the following days. Even though we had pre-paid for a package deal with the other chiropractor, we decided to switch to Anne. My husband and I both feel that she provides care tailored to our unique needs and that she provides practical advice for improving our overall well-being. I’ve been seeing her at least once a week through the remainder of my pregnancy, and it has made a huge difference in my mood and comfort level. She even recently relieved a terrible bout of third-trimester nausea I was experiencing when nothing else was working. I also needed help with getting our baby into a better birth position and after two adjustments, our daughter moved to the left side.

I’m so thankful we found Anne and am happy to recommend her to my friends and family.

—  Elizabeth F.