I wholeheartedly recommend Anne

Anne Lundquist is a gifted chiropractor with an intuitive way of working with pregnant women. I first started seeing Anne when I was almost 8 months pregnant; she made me feel at ease and had numerous modifications and pillows that allowed me to find physical comfort during my adjustments. Her exam is thorough and the tools she uses are cutting edge. She was able to adjust me and zeroed in on areas that might be affecting my pelvis, as she explained to me how the position of the pelvic basin could influence the position of the baby and feedback to affect ease of delivery. It was so interesting learning how it is all connected and how measures I take before the birth could influence my labor and delivery. I also slept so much more easily after adjustments and positioning advice by Anne. Anne Lundquist is also my Bradley Method teacher. She is able to share personal anecdotes and thorough information in a way that made my husband and me feel more confident going into our natural birth. I wholeheartedly recommend Anne for Bradley classes and prenatal chiropractic. She really is a precious resource for pregnant women in Orange County.

—  Mia M.

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