Everything you need for your natural childbirth all under one roof!!

Dr. Anne helped me make it through two pregnancies with back pain and sciatica, but it was my second pregnancy where her skill and dedication as a chiropractor became clear. At 36 weeks, my (already high risk baby with Down syndrome and a related heart defect) was noted to be breech on ultrasound. The perinatologist shrugged and said, ‘well if baby doesn’t turn, we’ll schedule an ECV and likely a C-section.’ He also said, ‘you could try acupuncture’ and when I asked about chiropractic, he shrugged and said, ‘sure, why not.’ So I called Dr. Anne! She fit me in for multiple appointments where she employed the Webster method to make a good environment for
my upside down kiddo to turn. She also showed me exercises, directed me towards moxibustion (yuck, but this mama was desperate!) and held my hand a little, too. She came into the office after work to adjust me and I feel like I spent 2 weeks sideways getting this kid turned. And sure enough, he turned! Both of my deliveries were 100% drug free, and quick (notice I didn’t say easy – it WAS childbirth!) While some of that might be genetics, I attribute a good portion to Dr. Anne’s adjustments and my Bradley preparation.

What I really love about Dr. Anne is that she is also a great human being. Her practical nature, sense of humor and positive attitude were a breath of fresh air as I bumbled through my pregnancies (love babies. Hated being pregnant!). She was also understanding when I brought my very curious 2 year old along to visits. She has special toys to keep kids distracted while mommy gets adjusted – this is a real family-friendly practice!!

I haven’t officially seen by Dr. Mitch Patterson, but he is often seeing patients at the same time and he is always engaging and helpful, even though I’m not his patient.

If it weren’t for Dr. Anne, I would not have been able to stay on my feet as long as I did when I was pregnant, and my otherwise uncomfortable pregnancies would have been downright miserable. AND she is a Bradley method teacher, too! Everything you need for your natural childbirth all under one roof!!

Bridget H. 

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