Chiropractic For Pregnancy

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can cause shoulder, arm and hand pain, weakness, tingling, burning, aching and numbness during and after pregnancy. Either or both upper limbs can be affected. Pain can start anytime during pregnancy and can be so severe that it interferes with sleep. CTS can make it difficult to hold onto items, and can make your hands feel clumsy and weak.

The carpal tunnel is a bony canal formed by the wrist bones on three sides and a ligament that runs across the wrist on the other. Weight gain, swelling and fluid retention during pregnancy can increase the pressure in this relatively narrow and inflexible space, compressing the median nerve that runs through it. Pressure on this nerve causes the symptoms. [1]

Repetitive hand motions are more likely to cause CTS in non-pregnant people, so if you are pregnant and have a history of performing activities with repetitive hand motions, you are likely to be at higher risk of developing CTS.

While common medical treatment of CTS begins with anti-inflammatory medications and splinting, then cortisone shots and finally surgery, chiropractic care can be very helpful for these complaints for both non-pregnant and pregnant patients, allowing many patients to completely avoid medication and surgery. [2]

While many Obstetricians and birth providers will counsel their patients that CTS will gradually subside after birth, the pain and dysfunction suffered during pregnancy and after birth can cause chronic pain, interfere with sleep and make activities difficult.

Dr. Anne Lundquist has had rapid dramatic responses to care for CTS by addressing the path of the nerves from the spine, through the shoulder, down the arm, elbow and wrist and into the hand by both decreasing nerve interference with chiropractic adjustments to misalignments in the neck and upper back, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints and by on the muscles in these areas. Many patients with CTS notice an improvement with the first visit.

Dr. Anne Lundquist has been treating pregnant women in Orange, CA for over 20 years, and regularly sees pregnant and non-pregnant patients with arm and hand complaints. Dr. Anne Lundquist is committed to helping women have better pregnancies, labors and deliveries through chiropractic care. She earned her certification in the Webster Technique and her FICPA from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Learn more at her website: www.Chiropractic4Pregnancy.comor by calling her at 714-633-1648.