Chiropractic For Pregnancy

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Pain in the Round Ligament can be felt during pregnancy along the course of the ligament. In a non pregnant woman, the Round Ligament cannot be felt by the patient, but during pregnancy the ligament becomes quite muscular and can have trigger points, which are tight, tender areas.

The Round Ligament runs from either side of the uterus, down both sides of the abdomen, through the front of the hip and into the groin area. The pain can be felt as a sharp stabbing pain anywhere along the ligament when the ligament spasms. Round Ligament pain will often be felt with movement and with coughing and laughing. [1]

While Round Ligament pain is considered common and normal, it indicates tension in the area and imbalance in the suspensory ligaments of the uterus. Round Ligament pain can be severe enough to limit walking and other exercise, it can cause significant pain when trying to roll over in bed and stand up, and can be associated with other common, but treatable pregnancy complaints such as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, Low Back Pain, and Sciatica. Round Ligament might indicate abnormal stressed on the uterus. Many Chiropractors have found that Round Ligament pain can be an early indication of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction problems. [2]

Some providers tell their pregnant patients that Round Ligament pain cannot be helped and will only be a problem during pregnancy. Chiropractic care with a doctor that is knowledgeable and experienced with working with pregnant women can be extremely helpful with Round Ligament Pain.

Dr. Anne Lundquist has been treating pregnant women in Orange, CA for over 20 years, and regularly sees patients with Round Ligament complaints. Dr. Anne Lundquist is committed to helping women have better pregnancies, labors and deliveries through chiropractic care. She earned her certification in the Webster Technique and her FICPA from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Learn more at her website: or by calling her at 714-633-1648.