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Why take a Bradley Method® Birth Preparation class?

Bradley Method® classes help the birthing couple, pregnant person and coach, prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for pregnancy and birth.  The class teaches the natural stages of labor and how to best support your body during those stages.  You learn what is happening currently in the "birth world" and how to keep yourselves low risk to avoid unnecessary interventions.  The comprehensive birth preparation class teaches and practices a variety of relaxation approaches to avoid unnecessary pain during birth, and multiple positions for early and late labor are taught and rehearsed in class to help the rationales for their use feel easy and natural during your labor and birth.

Most importantly, through the class the couple is able to decide what is really important to you and what your goals are for your birth and how to prepare for, and work with your birth team to get your "ideal birth". 

All of this takes time, almost three months, in fact.  Most couples start their Bradley series between week 16 and 28 of pregnancy.  You are welcome to call and talk to Dr. Anne Lundquist about class dates or to discuss possible accommodations if you are further than 28 weeks in your pregnancy at the start of our class series.

Please register for the upcoming class series online, or call our office to register or to ask questions.  You can join our class late if there is room for you and your partner.

To learn more about Bradley Method® Birth Preparation classes, watch this short webinar:

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