Chiropractic For Pregnancy

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One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is that of Back pain. While up to 70 % of all pregnancy women have back pain at some point during their pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer.

While some women begin to have back pain early in their pregnancies, back pain can occur during any point of your pregnancy, and is most common later in the pregnancy.

Back pain during pregnancy can be a result of a number of different causes. Women who are most at risk for back pain are those who are overweight or had back pain symptoms before their pregnancy. Here is a list of potential causes of back pain or discomfort during pregnancy:

  • Increase of hormones: Hormones released during pregnancy allow ligaments in the pelvic area to soften and the joints to become looser in preparation for the birthing process of your baby; this shift in joints and loosening of ligaments may affect the support your back normally experiences
  • Center of gravity: Your center of gravity will gradually move forward as your uterus and baby grow, which causes your posture to change
  • Additional weight: Your developing pregnancy and baby create additional weight that your back must support
  • Posture or position: Poor posture, excessive standing, and bending over can trigger or escalate the pain you experience in your back
  • Stress: Stress usually finds the weak spot in the body, and because of the changes in your pelvic area, you may experience an increase in back pain during stressful periods of your pregnancy[1]
  • Alignment issues in the Low back and Pelvis: Often predating pregnancy and aggravated by all of the above factors, misalignments can irritate the surrounding nerves and cause back pain and sciatica during pregnancy. Chiropractors who are experienced at treating pregnancy women can often help with back pain and other related issues during pregnancy. [2]

Back pain during pregnancy can be minimized by seeing a chiropractor trained to take care of pregnant women and by following some simple exercises and suggestions that they give you. Click here to read about other reasons to see a Chiropractor during pregnancy to help have a more comfortable pregnancy and labor.

Dr. Anne Lundquist is certified in the Webster Technique, a specific chiropractic analysis for pregnant women, and regularly sees many cases a year from Southern California. In practice in Orange County since 1990, focusing on working with pregnant women has made her among the most experienced practitioners of this technique.